Suzuki GSX R600

The biking press were out in force to test the bike and view the modifications made by the production team. As we say above there was a general positive response to the GSX-R600 which comes with the strap line “Some believe its the taking part that counts, some believe its winning. We believe its owning the race track”.

There are many changes in the new GSX R600 non more than the fact that its 9kg lighter than the earlier models, also the engine a new spec on the 600cc liquid cooled DOHC engine. The engine is equipped with pistons that are 78g lighter each.

The chassis is built using a five piece welded together castings, the way the chassis is constructed has added a 1.75kg weight reduction and re placed some of the main elements of the bike. The development highlights are quoted as fully floating front brake discs with radial mount Brembo Monoblock callipers and adjustable controls. The design of the discs was completed to give more options and more even pad wear.

Here’s some stats for you bike geeks-

Full length 2030mm

Width 710mm

Fuel capacity 17L

Engine capacity 599cc

Engine 4 stroke, 4 cylinder

Compression ratio 12.9:1

With all the changes this bike should be a real contender, with the reduced weight the bike is thought to be much more agile. As there is a significant reduction in weight the bike is much more powerful.



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