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Shelby Mustang GT 350 H

In 1966 the Hertz rent a car company agreed to purchase 1000 Shelby GT 350 for their rental fleet. It ended up that 996 cars were finally deliver to Hertz with Three being wrecked in transit and one being returned before it arrived for an unknown mechanical defect. Most of the Hertz’s car were made in Black with a gold and most had an automatic transmission. The exceptions to that was the first 100 cars sold to Hertz were 4 speeds. It quickly became apparent to them that the 4 speed cars may have not been a good idea. The performance of the car combined with the driving habits of the rental customer added up to many clutch replacements. Some other colors also showed up in the mix, white, blue and red. All the cars had the gold stripe on the side and most had the racing stripes over the top.

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